Jan 31, 2012

New Adress Check 2 6 784

Soooo yeah. I was very brave (not really you should have seen me running around like a madwoman) and changed my blog address... Trust me it was NOT easy. After about a week of searching and emailing with a few blog tech people I finally had came to the conclusion that redirecting automatically is not an option. All I can do is keep the previous address make it into a sub blog so readers can be re directed to the new address if they wonder off to the old one.  I am kind of glad I get to keep my old address along with the new one. No matter what Smutty Dirty Bitch, is a kick-ass name. No doubt. But I am turtle nerd and I own heels. So yeah The Nerd In Heels will also work with me :)

And after almost four hours of link searching and emailing I figured some other stuff as well

  1. NEVER pick just any address when you decide to have a blog
  2. Emailing between techno geeks will make you feel like an incompetent being.
  3. Sending people emails from official blog account is really difficult when you are logged in to your usual one.
  4. Bloggers are just awesome! I sent out so many emails to notify bloggers their links to my blog won't work anymore! And everyone is just so wonderful and understanding and EVERYONE gets cupcakes.

Now that I have recovered from my emotional diarrhea, mostly. Please let me know if your links to my site, RSS feed, g+, google reader, email subscription works?!  

Still figuring out stuff on the blog. I am sure I can do this, as long as I keep repeating it in my head. Which isn't nearly enough.


  1. Love the new name!! Smutty Dirty Bitch was awesome, no doubt, but Nerd in Heels fits your blog to a 'T'!!

    Glad you figured out how to change your address!!

    Looking forward to new posts!

  2. Yummmmmy! Thanks for the cupcake.

    FYI, I still got your blog with the new name in my inbox so I'm good. :)