Jan 11, 2012

My Book Boyfriend: Wrath The Blind King

MBB is an weekly meme hosted evey Wednesday by Missie at The Unread Reader
This week I will start with BDB boyfriends. This week my book boyfriend is Wrath, also known as The Blind King from Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.

by Anyae and geeport
Wrath, son of Wrath, is the King of the vampires and is the last pure blood vampire in existence. He is the leader who was not willing to ascend the throne. Wrath is blind and relies on a dog called George who sleeps with him and his wife, Beth.

First appears in Dark Lover

What got me reading the BDB series was Wrath. The way he was described in the books. And I think also because it was one of my first adult romance novel that had a plot! *shifty eyes*

Wrath was dumbfounded.

And he wasn't a vampire who got struck stupid very often.

Holy shit.

This half-human was the hottest thing he'd ever gotten anywhere near. And he'd cozied up to a lightning strike once or twice before.

It was the red smoke. That had to be it. And the stuff must be getting to him, too, because he was more than ready to take her.

He eyed the cigarillo.

Well, that's some damn good rationalizing, he thought. Too bad the shit was a relaxant, not an aphrodisiac.

She groaned again, her body undulating in a sexy wave, her legs opening wide. The scent of her arousal hit him hard as a body shot. God, he would have been sent to his knees if he hadn't already been sitting down.

"Touch me," she moaned.

*fan self* I have been searching for the perfect Wrath for a looooong time, but sadly no one has come close. The long hair, the body, the eyes. Well after some searching and lot of discussion with my friend Calanthaa, I decided to stick to Renne Castrucci.


  1. Hmmm, a hero who is blind? That must have been different to read about. He sounds quite hot though and that scene is pretty steamy! Love the guy with those brilliant green eyes...lovely choice.

  2. I loved Wrath! I have only read the first BDB book so far but Wrath and all the brothers definitely made an impression. I hope to continue the series soon. It is always hard to match up he perfect vision in your mind with a real person. But those pics are great! I love drawings of characters! I wish I could draw what I think in my mind. I'm a horrible artist but when I find pics like that online I'm always impressed.
    My Book Boyfriend

  3. *fans self* I've wanted to BDB for such a long time! I'm going to buy the first 8 in the box set and get me some brothers! This is so frickin hot...*goes to takes a cold shower*


  4. OOOOHHHHH How I love the Brothers!!!!! Seriously one of my most favorite series!!! They are all so delish and they crack me up in every book! Excellent choice!

  5. I absolutely love Wrath! He is one of my favorite Brothers. I agree that it is difficult to find the perfect model for him. You picked an amazing quote!


  6. WRATH!!! The brother that started my intense love for the series. I love that illustration. It is hard to find someone who could be Wrath, but I think that picture is a good start. LOL

  7. Great post! Wrath has always been my favorite of all the Brothers.
    Love the pic by Anyae. She's an incredibly talented artist.

  8. I really need to get caught up on this series! But I do really like Wrath. He's not my favorite, but he's pretty freaking hot!

  9. I don't know if the book is my sort of thing but he sounds hot.

  10. I FINALLY got a copy of Dark Lover so I can start the series ASAP! Can't wait to really experience Wrath!