Jan 24, 2012

Tempting Tuesday: Some Girls Bite Read-Along Chapter 13-15 + epilogue

Hosted by Tina at Tina's Book Reviews, Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight, Missie at The Unread Reader and Jenny at Supernatural Snark.
Oh at last I have reached the finish line with this book! The sexual frustration and the constant HAWT men popping in and out of the story... and it was an awesome experience doing the read-along with everyone. I loved reading everyone's answers on tempting Tuesday, I am going to miss it. A big thank you to Jenny, Tina, Rummanah, & Missie for hosting the read-along and making it so much fun :)

So this is the last question answer part for the book and I have to tell everyone that I broke my turtle speed record with Some Girls Bite. Last time I finished a book in turtle speed it took me 14 days and this one nearly took a month! Mazel tov.

My answers to chapter 1-4, 5-8, 9-12
Chapter 13 opens with Merit describing her new job routine as House Sentinel. Considering that every job Cadogan House is important in helping to make the house run efficiently, which job do you think you'd like to have (guard, cook, social director, gardener, etc.) and why?
I really don't know.. seriously I just can't think of anything.
In the supernatural world of Chicagoland Vampires, politics seem to play an important role in the way the Houses are run. Now that you've been introduced to the Rogues, do you think it's better for vampires to be a part of a House or to live outside of one.
Definitely being a part of a house is better. Although the rouge seems to stick together in time of emergency. But I think being a part of a house is way more fun. And they provide insurance!
After Morgan openly asks to court Merit, she feels betrayed when Ethan commands her to accept for the show of alliance it could bring to Cadogan House. Do you think her reaction was warranted?

I was literally gaping reading that scene. The way Morgan asked to court Merit just WOAH! I think I really loved that one... I was wootwooting 'GO MORGAN'.

As for Ethan. His command to accept Morgan's courtship was purely for political reasons and Merit being a little over week or so old in the vampire world I think her reaction was completely warranted. I am taking Merit's side for reasons like, COMEON! She is just a baby vamp who just had a offer to be her master's mistress and now her master is offering her up for political reasons?!? Who wouldn't be pissed?!?

I am just flabelzzed she didn't stomp her feet and ran off saying, I am not playing vamp anymore.
When Ethan meets with the perpetrator of the murders, were you surprised to discover who it was? If you suspected someone, were your suspensions correct? What did you think of the perpetrator's motive?
Not that much. And now I think I understand the Amber bashing.

They are vampires. I think that explains it.
What was your favorite/least favorite parts of Some Girls Bite?
Favorite scene: Jeff calming down NINE screeching nymphs.


Lest favorite scene: Merit eating.

Me: I can never eat as much as her without worrying about calories and stuff so yeah I am not so big on the eating part.
What do you think is coming up next for Merit, Sentinel of Cadogan House? Will you continue reading this series, and if so, what do you hope to see happen in the next book?
A war? Well it's clear Celina was not working alone and maybe (I'm guessing here) Morgan is involved or will get involved and that will only complicate things further in the next book. But yes, I will continue reading these series and see what happens to Jeff I mean Catcher umhh Ethan and Merit?


  1. YEAH JEFF! I love him so much:) We definitely need more scenes with Jeff. And Catcher. And Luc. Preferably shirtless.

    I really felt for Merit when Ethan just sort of tossed her to Morgan, even if she did turn down his oh-so flattering (not) offer to be his mistress, she still clearly has some feelings for him and being used so thoughtlessly would hurt.

    Thanks for participating in the read-along each week!

  2. I thought it was sweet for Morgan to ask to openly court her and I can't believe she wasn't more taken by that. I know I would have been. LOL

    And that Jeff scene was pure WIN! :)

  3. Yes, we definitely need more scenes with Jeff. He's just too adorable for his minor scenes.

  4. Haha.. I'm not playing vamp anymore. That would've been an interesting scene!

    Heck yeah, Jeff is mmmm-mm-mmm.

  5. Jeff is awesome. I think he only gets more awesome as the series progresses.

  6. Ha ha yep Jeff and the nymphs. Why is he so damn cute?
    Yep poor Merit stuck between two hot guys. She should just say to hell with it and run off with Jeff.
    I am going to miss everyone too! Please do Hounded so I will have my turtle bud!

  7. hahaha! I said merit eating too! And I love love love Jeff! He is way better than Morgan.