Jan 16, 2012

Tempting Tuesday: Some Girls Bite Read-Along Chapter 9-12

Hosted by Tina at Tina's Book Reviews, Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight, Missie at The Unread Reader and Jenny at Supernatural Snark.
Hola my fellow turtles. I am soooo happy after knowing most of the readers are turtles, like me! *turtle huggles all around* 
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We have been discussing Some Girls Bite for two weeks now. You can read my thoughts on the first four chapters here and up to chapter eight here. Today we will be talking some more about the next few chapters. Head over to Rummanah's Books in the Spotlight to see more of this amazing discussions.
Catcher and Ethan share some personality traits. What makes Mallory, Merit, and even us readers attracted to these guys? Would you date/mate with someone like these guys in real life?
Attract to this guys? Well they are supernatural, I guess that's the biggest reason for the attraction. Ethan has fangs, which means we are bound to be attracted to this man. And Catcher he is just too sexy ..... also Mallory has planted the seed of him being cuffed to her bed so I guess Cather has plus points on the attraction department ;)

I would mate with Cather in a heartbeat. Ethan, we will have great shagging. Am I allowed to say that! Shagging! lol. But no I wouldn't date either of these guys, I don't want to fight with my boyfriend every time I try to have a conversation! I think I would rather date Jeff though. Nerdy, werewolf, hilarious my kinnda man :D
In Chapter 9 we learn of another murder. Do you see any patterns with the previous murder and Merit's attack? Do you have any guesses as to who is responsible and the motive behind the murders?
I am guessing the vampire (whose name I don't remember right now) of that club where Merit and Mallory went with Cather. Not really not seeing a pattern yet, maybe when I go further in the book?
The commendation is my favorite moment in the book and a significant event in Merit's life. She has finally come to terms that she is a Cadogan vampire. Were you surprised at all that Merit resisted Ethan's call and that he made her a Sentinel? Do you think she'll do well in this position? Why or why not?
Nope, not surprised. She already resisted it once when she was on that club so I am guessing that's her special vampire power. And I loved the commendation scene!

Merit will probably need a lot of training before she can handle the position she is given. But with proper training from Catcher and as she seems to be grasping being a vampire a little better as the book develops also she is a bit protective about the Cadogan house, so I say she will rise up to the challenge if the situation occurs.
Loyalty is a reoccurring theme throughout the book and much of this series. Why is it so important to Ethan that he needs Merit's allegiance? Is it solely a Master and Sentinel thing or does it imply something else?
Ethan is four hundred years old, he is powerful, master of the Cadogan house. All the Cadogan vampires are loyal to him and having Merit challenge him in a fight once it's important for him that the house doesn't think anyone can do that. So perhaps announcing her as Sentinel, he is probably stating that not every one can resist his call. Unless they have that power, of course! 

I would have to say he has every intention of getting into her pants. So no not solely Master and Sentinel relationship between these two.
If you had the opportunity to sit down with Ethan, Merit, Mallory, and Catcher for a bite to eat like in the beginning of Chapter 12, what questions would you ask them at this point of the story?
Merit: Where do you put all these food?
Mallory: What type of hair dye do you use?
Ethan: Do you like rough or gentle?
Catcher: Can I hug you? *I shall shamelessly grope him*


  1. Jeff would definitely make a pretty decent boyfriend. Ha. :)

  2. LOL- I like your thought process- groping Catcher...WIN!!

  3. haha! That's a great question to ask Mal, because I was wondering the same. How does she keep her hair so blue?

    And isn't Jeff so sweet. Perfect boyfriend material.

  4. Hi fellow turtle! I love coming to your blog! I snicker at the title. Shagging Ethan you rock girlfriend! Love you questions too.

  5. "Ethan, we will have great shagging. Am I allowed to say that! Shagging!"

    HAHAHAHA! That might be my favorite answer to a question ever:) And I will help you shamelessly grope Catcher. And maybe Luc too. Sexy vampire cowboy. Yum.

  6. Who knows how Ethan likes it! Probably any way he can get it with Merit.

    I suspected Morgan (I think that's his name) for a long time too. That incident at the club was just too much.

    I love your questions to the four of them. I didn't really have any questions for the girls. For the guys, yes, but not the girls.

    Love you answers! I think it's easier to answer the questions if you're a turtle, sadly I'm not. Way too curious!


  7. YAY for Jeff love! Isn't he incredibly adorable and sweet? And I completely forgot about that club scene, you're right! That's a good catch.

  8. The hair dye was Kool-aide. I think we learned this in the first chapter or two. I guess that means she applies it almost daily.

    And I think shagging is exactly what Ethan would do. Perfect word ;)

  9. Shaggtastic! lol. I'm so with on Jeff. I'd love to play with his... shifter.

  10. I think dating Jeff (that's my husbands name!) would definitely be easier then dating the others. I love his easy going personality.

  11. hahaha I love your questions for the characters! And I completely agree about Jeff. He is much more my speed.

    Im a new follower :)