Jan 27, 2012

Changing the blog name

I have been wanting to change my blog name like forever now! When I first chose the URL it seemed cool to my baby mind. As much as I love being the Smutty Dirty Bitch, it gives out the wrong impression about my blog ;(

Specially when I google the name, go ahead google it you'll understand!

I love reading smut, I do. But the amount of smut I read is not enough to make me the worthy title holder of Smutty Dirty Bitch. And after I showed my blog to a friend he went hysterical, which only makes it easier for me to change the blog name.

I did some searching to see how do I change the URL. There were quite a few tutorials. Most of them said that, once I change my blog URL no one can visit  my blog from the previous link. So I thought redirecting? But redirection to the new URL css seemed soooo much complicated! I am a nerd who is still learning about HTML and css, so considering my options I decided to keep the URL (it's sort of catchy you know) and change the blog title.

Now I officially declare myself as The Nerd In Heels.

If anyone has any easy tutorial guide for me to figure out redirecting from old URL to a changed new URL, please please PLEASE let me know! I would like to change the URL as well *sigh*


  1. Love the new name. No idea about the URL situation though. It was a nightmare for me just to switch from blogger to a self-hosted wordpress and not lose everything in the process. :)

  2. I really like your new name! It's a bit classier than Smutty Dirty Bitch is (;

    But I have no idea how to redirect. I'm such a HTML/CSS dummy..

  3. But... can we still call you a smutty dirty bitch? lol I'm kidding. I don't know about the url stuff, but when you get it worked out, let us know. There are a lot of changes I want to make on my blog soon, but I'm too chicken s--t to take the plunge just yet.


    Does parajunkee have any type of tutorial for changing the URL?

  5. @A Tale of Many Reviews I love wordpress blogs! It gives so many options.

    @Celine Thank you :D (nods) This one is way classier than Smutty Dirty Bitch

    @Christy D I don't mind ;)
    I know what you mean! I back up every time I decide I am going to change something. Changing my blog name took me almost three months ;(

    @Missie THANK YOU BB :D
    I didn't find any on her tutorials, but I'll ask if she can help :D

  6. Man...I loved your in your face name choice but obviously it isn't for everyone. I wish I had some ideas on how to move your address but I always have to ask my smart husband :)
    I hope it works out!

  7. @Heidi I love my previous blog name too, but unfortunately it was giving the idea that my blog was only adult based blog. Which it isn't, well most of the time anyway o_o

    It's good to have smart hubs to figure out this stuff ;) Hopefully I'll figure out how to work out this address thingie!