Jan 4, 2012

My Book Boyfriend: Giovanni Vecchio

Today I will be introducing another book boyfriend of mine. Giovanni Vecchio from Elemental Mysteries series by Elizabeth Hunter.

Name: Giovanni Vecchio
Age: Over 500 years Ialian
Was turned into a Vampire around late 14oo's
Has the power to manipulate fire
Appears in Elemental Mysteries series

Giovanni's Italian accent is enough to make you go weak in the knees. He can manipulate fire, has complicated relationship with his son and he is completely smitten with Beatrice De Novo.
She stood in front of him, her eyes bold as she met his hungry stare, and all Giovanni would have had to do was take one step and he could have wrapped his body around hers, laid his mouth on her soft neck, and swallowed the thick blood that called to him. He swallowed slowly, and ignored the burn in his throat and the smell of honeysuckle and lemon that filled the air.

“I’m not going to deny that I’m attracted to you, Beatrice. Denying that would be foolish and insulting to us both.”

“But you’re not going to kiss me again, are you?”


“Did you want to bite me?”

He searched her eyes, trying to determine what answer she wanted, but though he had observed humanity for five hundred years, her enigmatic eyes were still a mystery to him.

~A Hidden Fire
Giovanni was quite hard to pick but I think Gilles Marini will make a totally awesome 500 year old Italian vampire with blue fires comeiong out of his hands.

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  1. Oh wow, I've got to read this book. Oh and I like your blog. #nowfollowing

    Thanks for visiting me!

    Kindred Dreamheart

  2. That shower picture is HOT! I love the quote. Anything mentioning biting is always good ;-) I love vampires!
    My Book Boyfriend

  3. Sounds awesome! I love the quote you picked and the shower scene from Sex and the City is perfect eye candy. Great choice!


  4. He's Italian and a Vampire!!! Oh My Stars! It's like he was made just for me. *le swoon*

  5. nailed it! Great pick... hot Italian Vampire, what more does a girl need?

  6. OOooh hot vampire stuff! yeah totally!! <3 :)

  7. An Italian vampire? I'm totally sold. Awesome.


  8. ooohhhh i have this on my kindle in tbr! i'm part of the blog tour too! yay!

  9. Wow! I'm fanning myself! He's really not hard to look at, is he? ;-)

    And you MUST go over to ElementalMysteries.com and offer your nomination for the dream cast! I love to hear who readers see when they read. You picked a gorgeous Gio.

    I'm so flattered! Thanks, E

  10. Nice pic in the shower/waterfall ;)