Jul 22, 2010

A Bit About Mio

Nerd in heels, and that's that. I read what I find interesting, try n review them sometimes in my blog

Hello, my name is Prangon and this is my blog.

I love reading, books. I have a huuuuuuge collection of books. Sometimes I am afraid I will be trapped from a book pile falling down on me and my family will have to sent out a search party to get me out. lol.

I am a abide reader. I read because a book is the best way to be transported into a diferent time, dimension, world! I love reading because through books I can see the world from different prescriptive. Being a student, managing my job and a family it's sometimes difficult to finish a book in a week length time. But it's also hard to keep me away from them, even with the hectic time schedule of mine.

I am blogging for about a year now, I am still getting to know the blogging community a little better. My sole purpose is to share my love for books with others.

Well I guess this is my blog where I ramble, post reviews, host giveaways, and stuff. Thank you for stopping by. Take a look around!