Jul 23, 2010

Smutty Friday

Smutty Friday my kindda sorta new smut posts.
So reading smuts has become like breathing air for me. Reading Lover Revealed by J.R.Ward, and have to say, this is making me .......ummmhhh horny!!! Yup that's the word horny. lols.
So to get you started with the books and smutty Friday here is a little smut Friday lovin-

His eyes drifted downward and he inhaled sharply through his teeth, the hiss cutting through the room. Ah, hell, she knew there was something wrong-
"Jesus, you're perfect." With a quick pass, his tongue licked over his lower lip. "May I touch you?"
Overwhelmed, she nodded with a jerk of the chin and his hand slipped under the bodice, smoothed up her rib cage and caressed the side of her breast, soft as a breath. She surged at the contact and then settled down. At least until he brushed her nipple with his thumb.
Then she arched involuntarily.
"You're... very perfect," he said in his hoarse voice. "You blind me."
Butch's head went down, his lips finding the skin at her sternum, then kissing the way up her breast. Her nipple gathered up on itself, straining for... yes, his mouth. Oh... God, yes... his mouth.
His eyes stared into hers as he latched on to the tip of her breast, pulling her between his lips. He sucked on her for a heartbeat before releasing and blowing across the glistening tip. Between her legs, she felt a warm rush.
"You okay?" he said. "This okay?"
"I didn't know... they could feel like that."
"No?" He brushed his lips over her nipple again. "Surely you've touched this beautiful place? No? Not ever?"
She couldn't think straight. "Females in my class... we're taught that we shouldn't... do such things. Unless we are with a mate and even then..." God, what were they talking about?
"Ah... well, I'm here now, aren't I?" His tongue came out and licked over her nipple. "Yeah, I'm here now. So give me your hand, Marissa." When she did, he kissed her palm. "Let me show you what perfection feels like."
He took her forefinger into his mouth and sucked on it, then popped it free and brought it to her distended nipple. He ran circles around the tip, touching her through her own hand.
She let her head fall back, but kept her eyes on his. "It's so..."
"Soft and tight at the same time, isn't it." He lowered his mouth, covering her nipple and her fingertip, a smooth, licking warmth. "Feels good?"

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