Feb 14, 2012

My Book Boyfriend: Vishous

MBB is an weekly meme hosted evey Wednesday by Missie at The Unread Reader 

This week I will continue my BDB book boyfriend with Vishous from Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward
by Anyae and geeport
Vishous is the most intelligent and the one who is specially gifted. His curse is his ability to prognosticate: he sees the future, though not the 'when' of events so he is tortured by his inability to save those he loves from danger. Tattooed on his face, his genitals, - which are scarred since his father tried to castrate him - and his entire hand, he has the ability of psychometry. All of this was inherited from his mother The Scribe Virgin. He falls in love with a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb. His story is told in Lover Unbound. Although I still feel like he was meant to be with Butch.
This is a special post, just for Missie. I know you want Vutch together ;)

V and Butch would have made a wayyyy better couple than Jane and V did.
by Anyae and geeport
 See what I mean! They would be awesome together.

Those deep hazel eyes held his and didn't blink.
"You'd be amazed what I would do to keep you alive."
Abruptly, V's mouth opened, his breath growing tight. And as the two of them stood chest-to-chest, he knew every inch of his body, felt it all at once.
“I'm sorry," Butch croaked. "Oh God, I'm so sorry..."
V put his arm out and curled it around the cop. Pulling the male close to his chest, he laid his head down on his buddy's.
"It's okay," He said roughly. "It's all right. It's okay...You did the right thing...”
As V ignored the jab, he found himself focusing on Butch’s lips. In a very quiet voice, he said, “You know… I totally wanted to have sex with you.”

“I know.” Butch’s head twisted around, and their eyes met. “Past tense now, huh.”

“Think so. Yeah.”

Butch nodded toward the PT suite’s open door. “Because of her.”

“Maybe.” V looked across the equipment room and caught sight of Jane as she rifled through a cabinet. His body’s response as she bent at the waist was immediate, and he had to shift his hips to keep the head of his erection from being squeezed like an orange. As the pain ebbed, he thought about what he’d felt toward his roommate. “Have to say, I was surprised you were so cool with it. Thought it would creep you out or some shit.”

“Can’t help how you feel.” Butch stared down at his hands, checking the nails. The clasp on his Piaget. The placement of his platinum cuff link. “Besides…”


The cop shook his head. “Nothing.”

“Say it.”

“Nope.” Butch stood up and stretched, his big body arching. “I’m going to head back to the Pit—”

“You wanted me. Maybe just a little.”
Vutch makes so much sense when you read about Butch and Vishous, Together at Last post over at SmexyBooks.com

David Gandy is playing the role of Vishous here. The pictures are not mine. Enough google search you can find ANYTHING! 
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  1. Great quotes! I have only read the first book but I loved Butch! I was glad to see him stay around even though things with Beth didn't work out with him. I had no idea V was into Butch that way. Sounds like I need to catch up with the series.

  2. Ahh I always hear so much about these brothers! I want to know them...I want to know them well lol.

    No book boyfriend for me, but I thought I should comment anyway.


  3. I love V, but I love him the best with ME in my mind!!! :)

  4. Vutch!!!!!!!!! GAH! They are totally meant to be together and I will forever be disappointed that they didn't hook up! And I hate the mate that V ended up with. What a cruel joke. :(
    *sobs in corner*

    I love that illustration of Vutch together. That artist is so talented.

    Thank you for this post, bb! I often rewrite the book in my head and pretend like my boys are having their HEA together.

  5. I was very into the idea of Vishous and Butch while the reading the series as well. Now, I've turned my attention to the always angsty Blay/Qhuinn pairing. Love the quotes and pics especially the neck one...is that weird of me? ;)

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

  6. David Gandy makes a fabulous V, love that last picture it's so hot!

  7. Vishous is my absolutely favorite brother. His story and his um...sexual preferences just bring him to the next level. The fact that he wants Butch just drives me crazy and melts me into a puddle of goo. Love the pictures!

  8. Wow his scarred genitals! Yikes!
    I have yet to delve into the BDB series. Sounds like a good read though!

  9. I finally bought the first book in this series and I'm anxious to get into it. You all really sell these books well, now I'm even more intrigued!

  10. Wooooooooooooooooow never seen that coming!! Wooow!!! Speechless. Really.

  11. Not only do we have the same boyfriend this week, but David Gandy is my Vishous as well! Great minds! Oh how I love Vishous! I took out my copy of Lover Unbound to make my post, and my book is literally falling apart from being so well loved. I'm a new follower! Great blog!
    Reading Lark After Dark's Book Boyfriend: Vishous