Feb 1, 2012

My Book Boyfriend: Butch O'Neal

My book boyfriend of BDB boys continues. Today my book boyfriend is Butch O'Neal from Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.
by Anyae
Butch/Dhestroyer is the only male human to be allowed within the Brotherhood, and is descended from Wrath. This connection to him allows him to be "turned" and he is initiated in the BDB. He has been through all the book of the brother hood. He lives at the "Pit", a two bedroom gate-house connected to the mansion where the King and other Brothers reside, with Vishous and he is a friend to all the warriors. An ex-homicide detective, he was lovingly given the nickname "Cop" by the vampires. He is the object of an ancient Lesser Prophecy, and has the ability to sense them wherever they are and can absorb them into himself. His story and his love for the vampire Marissa is told in Lover Revealed.

He took her mouth again, and now he kissed her with an ownership he had no right to, one hand shooting down to the small of her back, pressing her into his arousal. He felt this urgent need to stake a claim on her so that anything male would know whose woman she was. Which was nuts. Abruptly she jerked back. As she sniffed the air, she seemed confused. "Do human males bond?"

"Ah... we get emotional, sure."

"No... bond." She buried her face in his neck, inhaled, then started to rub her nose against his skin.

He gripped her hips, wondering just how far things were going to go. He wasn't sure he had the strength for sex, even though he was totally erect. And he didn't want to presume anything. But Jesus God in heaven he wanted it from her.

"I love the way you smell, Butch."

"It's probably the soap I just used." As her fangs dragged up his neck, he groaned, "Oh, shit... don't... stop..."

"Marissa..." It was all he could say.

As his voice seemed to have dried up, he kissed her, and while they embraced, a great cheer rose up into the vast foyer.

"I'm so sorry I was weak," she whispered in his ear. "Beth and Mary and Bella came to see me. I'm never going to be at peace with the danger you face as a member of the Brotherhood. I'm going to worry every night. But they trust their males to be careful, and I... I believe you love me. I believe you wouldn't leave me if you could help it. I... I believe you will be careful with yourself and that you will stop if the evil threatens to overwhelm you. If they can handle the fear of loss, so can I." He squeezed her even tighter. "I'll be careful, I swear. I swear."

They stayed on the floor, locked together, for a while. Then Butch lifted his head and looked at Wrath, who had taken Beth into his arms.

"So, brother," Butch said. "You got a knife and some salt? Time to finish a certain mating, you feel me?"

"We've got you covered, my man."
 My Butch is played by Noah Mills. My other BDB boyfriends...
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  1. I can't wait to read Lover Revealed and Butch's story. That is the next book on my list to read and I want to race through the book I'm reading now just to get to it.

  2. Whooo, that first quote is quite steamy! And I'm loving your rep for Butch. I've heard the J.R. Ward series is great. I want to get those books.

  3. I love Noah Mills! *le swoon* And I'll forever be disappointed that Butch and V didn't end up together. *sighs*

  4. I must admit, when we first met Butch, I wasn't a fan. He still bugs me sometimes, but I do love him now! Love his Boston accent!

  5. I really enjoy the second pic. =)

  6. I love the BDB boys so I am excited you are featuring them! Butch is so hilarious and his relationship with Marissa is so sweet! Great choice!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews