Feb 20, 2012

I did it! I did it!

I DID IT!! I DID IT! Before I scare everyone off here is what I did, I activated the reply button thingy in my comment section!


When I activated it the first time around the comments font were so tiny! Like this. And as you can see I love my fonts bigger that might be because I hate wearing my glasses all the time! Eep. x_x

In other news, today is 21st Februry, International Mother Language day. To celebrate the day you say something in your mother tongue. I am sort of a mixed culture child but I was brought up speaking Bangla so here is something in that language.
আমি বাংলায় গান গাই আমি বাংলার গান গাই আমি আমার আমি কে চিরদিন এই বাংলায় খুজে পাই।
Those are a few quotes from a famous Bangla country song Ami Banglai Gan Gai by Babu.

So what do you think about the comment settings? I am planning on replying in every comment from now on. WOOT! Also have you said something in your mother tongue today?



  1. WOOT WOOT! :)

    I am getting used to the reply thing! I turned it on too--though I still find myself replying through email half the time LOL

  2. Yay for replying to comments! :)

    I did not know that today was International Mother Language Day. Very cool!

  3. I am not sure what you are talking about the whole reply thing but I am glad it works. I wanted to add your button yesterday to my blog but it wasn't here, Am I crazy? I will get it in my roll now that I see it.
    Well I am lame my native tongue is English. How about I say something in my ancestral tongue,german?
    Guten Tag meine Freundin, Pragon!

    1. Guten Tag meine Freundin, Heidi :) My German is very poor. But it's so cool! I would love to learn German someday.

  4. I'm still having some issues with Reply comments, but I'm still happy to have them now.

    Very cool mother language. I wish I knew more languages.

    1. Me too :)

      I wish I could speak at least speak one language fluently bb. My English interjects when I speak Bangla and Bangla interjects in English o_o