Apr 4, 2012

My Book Boyfriend: John Matthew

MBB is an weekly meme hosted every Wednesday by Missie at The Unread Reader.  

Hello my pretties.. Today I will like to introduce you to John Matthew from J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood. My new book boyfriend :)

by Anyae
John Matthew/Tehrror is the reincarnation of Darius. Born mute, John uses American Sign Language and whistling to communicate with others. Before learning that he was a pre-trans vampire, he lived alone in the human world. At one point, he was cornered in the hallway to his apartment and raped by an unknown human. In despair John turned to the suicide prevention network in Caldwell and met Mary Luce. He followed her home so that he could meet her; during this meeting, Mary's neighbor, Bella, visited and sensed John was a vampire like her. As the introductions ensued, Bella noticed a bracelet John wore which carried his name in the Old Language. The name of a Brother, Tehrror. Bella contacts the brotherhood and John learns what he is and that he will soon go through his transition to become an adult male vampire. He was also invited to live amongst his kind, at which time he lived with Tohrment and his expectant mate Wellisandra. Now that he has gone through his transition Wrath has made him join the war due to his unexplained proficiency with weapons and knowledge of Lessers. His story is told in Lover Mine. He is best friends with Qhuinn and Blaylock, and now is Xhex's mated Hellren. He shares a kinship with Zsadist because of the traumatic similarities in their pasts.

John leaned in and pressed his lips to hers; then he stretched out beside her. His body was exhausted but, his heart was alive with a joy so pure it was like the sunlight he didn't get to see anymore: He was a mute-ass motherfucker with a nasty past and a night job that involved fighting evil and slaughtering the undead. And in spite of all that...he'd gotten the girl.
~Lover Mine

John lifted his head and looked down at her. His eyes were worried and he was careful as he brushed at her hair. She smiled.
"Nah, I'm fine. I'm more than fine."
A sly grin bloomed as he mouthed, ain't that the truth.
"Hold up there, big man. You think you can make me blush like I'm some girl ? Pulling that sweet talk?"
As he nodded, she rolled her eyes.
"I'll have you know I'm not the kind of female who goes all dizzy, popping a stiletto off the floor just because some guy kisses her deep."
John was all male as he cocked a brow. And damn it if she didn't feel a tingle in her cheeks.
" Listen, John Matthew." She took his chin in her hand. "You're not turning me into one of these females who goes gaga over her lover. Not happening. I'm not hard-wired for that."
Her voice was stern and she meant every word, except the instant he rolled his hips and that huge arousal pushed into her, she purred.
She purred.
The sound was utterly foreign and she'd have sucked it back down her throat if she could have. Instead, she just left out another of those decidedly non-tough-guy moans. John bowed his head to her breast and started suckling on her as he somehow manage to keep thrusting in slow, even penetrations. Swept away, her hands found his hair again, spearing through the thick softness.
" Oh, John..."
And then he stopped dead, lifted his lips from her nipple, and smiled so wide it was a wonder he didn't bust off his front teeth. His expression was one of total and complete gotcha.
" You are a bastard, " she said on a laugh.
He nodded. And pressed into her with his full lenght again. It was perfect that he was giving her shit and showing her a little of who was boss. Just perfect. Somehow it made her respect him even more, but then, she'd always loved strength in all its forms. Even the teasing kind.
"I'm not surrendering , you know."
He pursed his lips and shook his head, all oh, no, of course not. And then he started to pull out of her. As she growled low in her throat, she sank her nails into his ass.
"Where do you think you're going ?”
~Lover Mine
John Matthew is played by Channing Tatum... I had no idea he had such a great ass before I watched The Vow.

I wanted to introduce Tohrment to everyone this week, but just didn't feel right breaking the circle. Will go as the books.
Wrath the blind king
Butch O'Neal


  1. I freaking love John Matthew! I knew he was special from the moment I met him in Lover Eternal and he exceeded all my expectations. Thanks for the sexy quotes...that last scene is one of my favorites in the whole series! Channing is hot and could definitely work for JM...great job, girl!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  2. Right?!!! Channing Tatum's ASS! *faints*

    I love JM! But I'm dying to get to Qhuay!

  3. Zsadist is my all time fav brother, like Missie I can't wait for the next book. Channing makes a fantastic JM:)

  4. Wooow wooow nice!! I love it!! :) <3 <3

  5. Channing Tatum DOES have a great ass ;)

  6. Oh wow - I LOVE your pick! I haven't read this series yet, but the guys in it seem to be great so I better get started! I'll definitely be picturing Channing when I read this - Thank you for sharing him! :)

    Here's mine: