Apr 29, 2012

Review: ARC - The Genius and the Muse by Elizabeth Hunter

The Genius and the Muse by Elizabeth Hunter
Genre: Contemporary, Romance 
Release: April, 2012
My copy: Provided by the awesome author of the book

Synopsis from goodreads
Kate Mitchell knew what she wanted: to finish her degree from Foothill Art Institute and break into the art world on her own terms. Just when she thinks she has it all figured out, new insight into a mysterious photograph by her artistic idol will lead her on a journey through the past.

A photograph. A painting. Lost dreams and secret pain. One clue leads to another, and Kate learns that pieces of the past might leave marks on her own future, leading to a love she never could have predicted.

One portrait may hold the answers, but learning its secrets will challenge everything Kate thought she knew about love, art, and life. A single picture can tell more than one story. In the end, a young artist will discover that every real love story is a unique work of art.

My Thoughts

I love Elizabeth's writing to bits. Her paranormal series, Elemental Mysteries is one of my favorite. So when E asked me to read this, I just had to have it. And as you might have noticed I am in a contemporary high lately, so The Genius and the Muse by Elizabeth Hunter was an awesome edition to my contemporary read-fest.

Miss Hunter's writing style always connects me to her stories, her characters. Ever read something like, you know when you get invested in it so much that it's hard to put down? Well her writing is that way for me. The Genius and the Muse is one of those stories which I just couldn't put down till I was done. The storyline the characters are all so compelling that when I started reading it at 4 in the morning I couldn't stop. I had to finish. Took me about a little over 12 hours or so. Absolutely worth it.

What I LOVED the most was, Kate and Javi, hands down. The story started off with Kate, a grad student at Foothill sort of obsessed with the famous photographer Reed O' Corner. I have to admit for a page or two I thought there might be something between the two. But as I read further it was clear that Kate's curiosity about Reed was not in any way romantic. Her search to find out more about Reed's personal life leads her to Javi, a tattooed sculpture/artist/mechanic. Javi doesn't give the look of a nice guy, he is more of a rude anti-social person. In spite that Kate and Javi's attraction towards each other was undeniable. The time frame change was a bit disconcerting for my taste. Other than that this was a sweet, amazing read. Recommended to readers with a taste for contemporary romance.

About the author
Elizabeth Hunter is the author and publisher of the Elemental Mysteries Series. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College in the Department of English (Linguistics) and a former English teacher. A native of Central California, she now lives in Southern California with her husband, son, and an assortment of dogs. She enjoys reading, writing, travel, and bowling. Someday, she plans to learn how to scuba-dive. And maybe hang-glide ... but that looks like a lot of running. A Hidden Fire is her debut novel. 
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  1. Oh this sounds wonderful! I love when an author challenges a character to grow and question. Those are the best contemporaries!

  2. I am not a big fan of contemporaries these days, but this looks like one I should check out. I know you are a big fan of this author and I trust your judegement. Miss you!

  3. Whoa! Ms. Hunter is a writing machine. I didn't even know she has something else on the horizon.