Dec 6, 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Ian McFarland

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie from The Unread Reader.

This week I am going to introduce another boyfriend to everyone. Ian McFarland from All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins.
Ian is a vet who just moved in Georgebury, Vermont, he is absolutely socially retarded (as Callie puts it) he is not a people's person, he does not do the 'wooing' a woman intentionally. To Callie he first reminds her of a Russian assassin who can kill a fly with his pinkie. As soon as I read that my mind just went straight to

However Ian is a complete softy and a romantic hidden behind all that layers. And Jason here just doesn't seem like the softy or romantic one more like crazy hot rough sex against the wall serious kindda guy. And also Ian has short cropped blond hair another reason Jason gets ruled out of the competition to fill Mr. McFarland's shoes. 

Now let me introduce you to Ian properly.
Name: Ian McFarland
Age: 30 something
Occupation: Hot Vet in Georgebury, Vermont
Height: Over six feet and then some
Eyes: Blue *le sigh*
Hair: Blond
He does, says stuff that makes me swoon sigh and get all dreamy eyes.

He wore jeans...I'd yet to see him in something other than a suit, and I was having a hard time taking my eyes off those jeans, which fit very nicely. His polo shirt was a faded red, and somehow he managed to look quite...dangerous in a most pleasing and (let's be honest) horny way. Like at any minute he'd get the call from a mysterious government agency and trot off to kill someone, the way Clive Owen did in The Bourne Identity. I'll bet Ian had some cool scar somewhere...yes, actually, there it was, up near his eye. Knife fight, I'd bet hard cash.

I'd also bet he knew how to kiss. Guys who looked like that could kiss, ladies. Or so my romance novels told me. Hard kissing. Kisses that started hard, anyway, then went soft and long and the woman would be pulled against his unyielding chest, his arms like bands of steel, me all soft and melting, him hard and hot...

Oh...God. He was in a tux. I'd sort of forgotten to think about that. He looked like an assassin about to infiltrate a state dinner...tall, blond, dangerous, and heavens, it was aturn-on! Those eyes of his were staring back at me, and you know what, it had been a long time since I'd had sex, and could we please just do it right here in this hallway? Holy. Guaca. Moley.

His eyes drifted down, slowly, assessingly, then back up, pausing at the girls for a gratifying heartbeat or three, then continuing up to my face. "Let's go," he said, then cleared his throat.

I snapped out of my haze of lust. "'Let's go,' Ian? Can't you do better than that? Here, I'll give you an example." I smiled and let my eyes drift over him once more. Frrrroooww! "Ian, you look...amazing. Wow. Okay, now it's your turn."

He almost smiled. "You look pretty. Let's go."

I sighed. "You're a work in progress, Ian McFarland."

Dr McFarland definitely is the kindda man you take home to meet the parents and have a happily ever after with. And I am so totally in love with HIM! *more sighs*

Ian McFarland was played by Paul Walker and Jason Statham


  1. bahahahah! I totally just laughed out lout at the whole: "You look pretty. Let's go." Classic.

    He does sound very dreamy, though.

    Here's PiF's

  2. *wolf whistles* dang! Ian totally just stole my panties...*cough* was weird...I meant my he sounds fabulous! I can't wait to read all about him!

  3. This is my face right now -> :O


    Okay, I'll go and read the quotes now. I just had to get that out of my chest. Awesome job!

    - Mary | Anxirium

  4. Is that Paul Walker? Is that who you picture? DAMN! I need to read this book. He sounds HOT. I'm adding this to my TBR.


  5. oh, those eyes, those eyes.
    yes, I'd take him home and I want that 'happily ever after' ;))

  6. OM! That second pic! It just melted me. *sigh* I think I needs to meet him. *puts book on wishlist*

  7. I think I need to meet this Ian! Actually I have been dying to read this book and have it marked for my men in uniform challenge books next year!

    (and isn't PW the sexiest when his hair is shortest---*swoon*)

  8. Oh Em Geeee! Paul Walker! I've been in love with him forever now. I'd say he's better suited to play Ian. hehe

    I mean, I think Jason Statham is sexy, but I don't see him working with animals. LOL

    And let me tell you, if Ian asked me to go anywhere I'd jump on his back and tell him to run! :)

  9. Never heard of Ian McFarland but I like him already ;) New follower - thanks for sharing!

  10. Who can resist a hot guy in a tux?! Not me, that's for sure! Nice pick

  11. I haven't read this, but Dr. MacFarland sounds super yummy! Love Paul Walker! Great choice!

    Here's mine:

  12. Oh! Paul Walker! Yup, I'm sold on Ian McFarland already!