Dec 9, 2011

GFC Bye Bye?

There has been a lot of fuss that Google Friend Connect will be disabled so everyone is going nuts. You know what? SO AM I! I just cannot understand why take down this service. You can find the post by following this link.  

So after much researching I have found quite a few social networks to stay connected to blogs and my readers. But the thing is I do NOT want another social network in my life. Aren't there more than enough already? As a blog reader I mainly check blog post in my Google reader, I visit blogs to leave comments and check out their sites but mostly I stay on Google reader. And connecting with a blog through Google Friend Connect automatically puts that blog in my reader list, so that's pretty easy. 
Seeing GFC being taken down my only concern was if Google Reader will be disabled as well. Thank god it isn't. So I did some more researching to figure out what I could do stay connected to blogs via Google reader if I don't have Google Friend Connect and offer my readers the same thing in return. 

So I figured the easiest this to do is to go to your Google Reader page and you can find the subscribe button that looks like this 

Now if you want to follow up any blog and their posts all you have to do is copy that link 
click the picture to see get the bigger version
and paste it on the subscribe box and press add.    

 So that's pretty easy!

There are other ways to keep connected to blogs and readers as well. 
g+ (Google pluis) Is the reccomended site from google.

Feedbuner is another good form where you can deside in which site do you want to read blog posts.
I am sure there are many other networks as well. GFC will be available till March 1, 2012, so bloggers can find an alternate way to keep connected to readers and I really really hope Google keeps GFC.

After this post I don't think I want to say the word 'GOOGLE' ever again. YAK.

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  1. I'm already subscribed to your blog via e-mail, so I'm good. :)