Nov 2, 2011

My Gratitude for Harry Potter

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Today I would like to give my thanks to J.K. Rowling for introducing me to the world of magic and Harry Potter.

Yes, I am a Harry Potter fan always have been and I am proud to say that I will always stay one.

Since 2001, to 2011 it's been exactly 10 years that I have fallen in love with the movie and the books. I confess I did not know Harry Potter was based on a book till the first movie philosopher's stone came out. And when my mother got me the first three books I devoured them in a week. I still have all the books

I still remember taking my little brother and sister to buy three copies Deathly Hallows the day of it's release, yes none of us was willing to wait for the other to finish. lol. Even now after all these years, I still love the Harry Potter books. It has been the series that started my reading mania. So I will always cherish them. And my unborn children will have Harry Potter in their book shelf by their eleventh birthday. Hopefully they will get their letter from Hogwarts and Dobby!
Thank you J.K. Rowling for creating the world where I learned so much about magic, mythological creatures, witch and wizards! 

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  1. HP really has touched a lot of people's hearts, hasn't it. I haven't read the books, but I loved the film. I hope to read them all soon. :)

    Funny how you and your siblings were unwilling to share the book! You're a thoughtful sister to get them their own copy.