Nov 12, 2011

Me and my box #2

Drags in box for my weekly updates
Hello, last week was a good week. It started with Eid, so lots of celebration in my part of the world along with ALLOT of bbq'ing. My sisters are big on making stick kabab's. My younger sister made this

It was very yum! And 10 seconds later

How those four remained 10 seconds later is still a mystery o_O

So in other news I read and reviewed TWO books in a week! I know I am surprised myself ;) 

I read Heart Of Steel by Meljean Brook. I was not disappointed. And I think I shall be buying the audiobooks as well. WOOT! Archimedes Fox and Lady Corsair was absolutely awesome to read about. And I still love the Iron seas series so I will be following this series in the future.

I have also finished The Body at the Tower by Y.S. Lee last week. This book is the second book of The Agency series. And I am happy to say I have found another series to love and adore. I am so glad that the third book The Traitor and the Tunnel is already out in UK. So no problem purchasing it from there.

I reviewed 
My new boyfriend Archimedes Fox
And the post on my name


  1. I wasn't a fan of the Iron series, but I think I would try Ms. Brook again with the Heart Of Steel :)

  2. ooooh! I'm listening to Heart of Steel now, and I'm loving it! Seriously, the world of the Iron Seas is so addictive!