Nov 2, 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Elder

Today my book boyfriend is Elder from Across The Universe by Beth Revis.

Name: Elder *Now he will probably be Eldest in the next book*

Age: 17 ish

Hair: Dark

Height: Not specific but slender bod.

First appearance: Acroos The Universe

He lives in a spaceship and about to be the captain, how cool is that!!

Elder smiles at me, a sort of half-smile that looks like a smirk.
“You talk funny,” he says, which is ironic since his words sound like “ya tal-funnae” to me.
“Ha! You’re the one with the weird accent!”
“Wee-urd axe-scent,” he mocks. I stick my tongue out at him, but I’m laughing, too.

And then—I’m not sure how it happens—but she takes a step closer and I take a step closer, and then we’re both just entirely too close.
And there is nothing between us but rain.
Then there is nothing between us at all.
My lips melt into hers. A drop of rainwater slips around the edge of my mouth, and then her lips part, and so do mine. The raindrop falls on my tongue, and then it’s lost on hers.

Elder was played by Francisco Lachowski.

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  1. We are of like minds this week! I just finished Across the Universe and Elder is My Book Boyfriend as well.

    Check out my post:

  2. Oh wow. That last quote was just...WOW! I really need to read this book like now. I have it on my Kindle, but I just hadn't pulled it out yet. Elder sounds quite delicious and delectable!

  3. And there is nothing between us but rain.
    Then there is nothing between us at all.

    OMG! That last scene is going to be the death of me! I got a double dose of Elder love today. I think this is a sign that I need to read the book asap!

  4. I forgot about that rain scene! It's so totally awesome! I need to re-read Across the Universe before A Million Suns comes out! can't wait! Thanks for the book boyfriend! I <3 Elder!

  5. ooh! another elder, just hopped to somebody's page and they had him. Happy to see he's so loved. :)

    Here's PiF's

  6. This book must be fabulous because two of you have made Elder your Book Boyfriend this week :) And I still think he is just drop dead deliciousness all around! hehe. Fabulous quotes! Love it all!!

    My Book Boyfriend was a little late being posted, so if you have time check mine out :)