Oct 8, 2011

REVIEW: That's What Friends Are For by Josee Renard

Series: Part Time Lovers #1
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Released Date: August 2011
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
My copy: eBook provided by Annette for reviewing purposes

Book Synopsis from Cobblestone Press

Jules and Mercy have been friends since grade school; sex-mates since high school. They started and run Part Time Lovers, a website catering to anyone who wants sex and wants it now—Jules and Mercy are partners in every way. But this week Jules is lusting after a barista who isn’t available.

Mercy sets him up with Jeanne, who needs to remember how sexy she truly is, and Jules is fascinated by her. They spent an erotic, enchanting night together while Jules forgets the barista and Jeanne remembers her younger, sexier self.

My Thoughts

In three words my expression, it was incredible.

That's What Friends Are For is a short story by Josee Renard. It's the first series in Part Time Lovers series where you are first introduced to Jules and Mercy.

The title suits the story perfectly. Mercy and Jules shares a special relation between them science childhood and with time they decide to test it how far they can go when it comes to sex. They even open a website where they can help people who shares a similar appetite for carnal pleasure as themselves.

I must include an add from the book that had me grinning ear to ear.

A young man:

I’m admitting it right out loud. I’m gay. I’ve been gay since I knew what that meant. But I have never had sex with a man. Or with a woman for that matter. It’s my twenty-first birthday this week, and I want you—the man who can show me what lovemaking is all about—to be my birthday present to myself. I want tenderness. I want to be fucked until I cry. I want it all. Can I unwrap you?

Josee creates sensual scene with her words that can leave you panting. I for one am looking forward to reading more of Part Time Lovers series.

Recommended to all adult readers who loves reading erotic stories.

I give this 
There will also be an Interview of Josee Renard along with a giveaway. Don't forget to check it out.

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