Oct 20, 2011

My Adventurous Week

Ahhh such an adventurous week this has been! I have been away from home visiting India for the past week, it was not my first time there even so it was very nice visiting this place again.
Enjoying finger foods 

great sight seeings
Lovely time with my friends :)
I am the chubby one on the left.
Now that it's been  week, time to pack up and go home *sad and happy at the same time right now*

Also was a very interesting week for my blog as well. When I thought I will probably go MIA but fortunately for me I wasn't. I was able to get a lot of things done. 
Read two books 
Posted both of there reviews A Hidden Fire / A Life That Fits
Participated in WOW 
Had Elizabeth Hunter author of A Hidden Fire over for a guest post Shared my zombie love 
Along with cover love for Head Rush. 

I realized one thing though, I work good when there is a deadline.

Giveaway of A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter
Giveaway of Superstition by Josee Renard

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