Oct 9, 2011

Off Topic Ranting

You might have noticed I was MIA for a few months. My reason to suddenly disappear was due to a university thing. I had to do a semester in complete isolation where internet is nowhere to be found and if sometimes I was lucky to get some reception it was too slow to keep my blog my updated. Books were suppose to be my only survival materiel, or so I thought. Untill my friends introduced me to something called FRINGE which led to my latest addiction of finding new/old TV series(s) and get hooked.

Yes, when I was isolated for about four months, all I did was watch one TV show after the other.

Fringe is sort of X-Files themed where Agent Olivia Dunham investigates strange events with the help of Walter Bishop and his son Peter. There are three seasons out and the fourth season is being aired now. I am Definitely hooked.

Community is about a study group in Greendale community college where they come up with the serious situations and funny solutions. I am watching the third season now.


How I Met Your Mother, I have given up on this show a looooong time ago. They are never going to reveal how he met their mother. So why I still watch this you ask?


I know it's lame. But I love it! The songs are all awesome and of course there is Klaine!


The Vampire Diaries. I first started because it's based on L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries, as they are one of my favorite book I just had to watch, and then BAM Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)

Yes you are.

Le sigh. SPN boys so pretty. Do I really need a reason to watch this?
Let's just enjoy some AWESOME gif of the boys ;)


Did I mention I have been also getting addicted to X-Files? The first time it aired the theme song was enough to scare me and now it's so damn addictive!


Game Of Thrones. That is one of the best shows, EVER.

Torchwood, I am just getting started due to a specific NSFW (Not Safe For Work) post.

So what shows are you addictive to?


  1. Love Fringe and VD. I watched the X-Files years ago but I missed the last two seasons.

  2. Pretty good choices, I was laughing at the Supernatural gifs. And Glee, dear god I've had the most embarrassing moments when I suddenly know a glee song and start singing at the top of my lungs LOL
    I would add True Blood, Weeds, Criminal Minds, Californication, Bones, and the Big Bang Theory.

    Oh hii, I'm new here :)

  3. @Hilda, heloooooo! Welcome to my blog.
    I know the feeling about Glee, happens to me every time ;)
    I haven't seen Weeds yet, but definitely something I want to check out and all the other shows, I am on again, off again sort of thing. I can never keep up with the air sates. I really do need to catch up :(