Dec 30, 2010

Looking back at 2010

Looking back at 2010. It was pretty eventful for me. 

I learned about fandoms... and I am still learning.
Then I sat for my finals and now I am college grad. WOOHOO!

Learned a lot about web pages and networking... the only thing I learned from there is that when a network says make a free website, it actually means be prepare to pay or we will take down the site. :(

Then I also learned there is such thing as TWI fanfiction. And I died and went to heaven. 
Lol. But I would take the fanfictions over the real thing any day. hehe
The world cup of course. My family is big on football (soccer as some call it). We watched the finales with grandparents in Italy. IT WAS FANTASTIC! 
OOO when I came back everyone was making blogs and I am always up to making good with new networking (except maybe WP and still trying to figure out LJ grrrr) I must say I FLOVE this!! 

I finished about 30 books after I started blogging in October. It was a good achievement IMO. 

2010 was ....ok it was pretty boring *grunts*

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  1. Congrats on graduating college! Your 2010 doesn't sound like it was all bad. Happy almost 2011!