Sep 13, 2011

REVIEW: A Tale Of Two Goblins by H.P. Mallory

Series: Dulcie O'Neil #2
Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Romance
Released: March 21st 2011

Book Synopses from goodreads

A Dreamstalker— a creature that stalks and kills its victims in sleep.
A fairy in law enforcement determined to stop him.
A potions smuggler who possesses something she wants.
A vampire with his own agenda.
And a partner who couldn’t possibly be sexier or more frustrating.

Dulcie O’Neil is a fairy working in law enforcement for the Netherworld.
When Knight Vander approaches her with a case regarding comatose victims, she agrees to help him, imagining the most difficult part will be combatting her attraction to him.

But, what Dulcie isn’t betting on is the fact that the case becomes personal when she learns all the victims are somehow linked to her.

When her best friend falls victim to the Dreamstalker, Dulcie must do everything in her power to ensure her friend’s survival, including associating with criminals and accepting the fact that desperate times do definitely call for desperate measures.

My Thoughts

Five Stars hands down.

I am not so keen on the idea of fairy and all. But in case of H.P. Mallory's fairies I make an exception and I am glad that I did. Dulcie O'Niel is definitely one badass fairy. I am surprised at just how much I loved reading this book.

In the second series of Dulcie O'Niel, Dulcie has to find the person who is putting everyone she cares about to sleep. She is next and the key to not to let her mind wonder off is to not sleep. 

Dulcie does some stuff she wouldn't in her right mind will do. Brings out more reckless side of her, and lets face it when there are lives are at stake, you will do almost anything to save them. Dulcie also realizes her feeling towards are Knight is extremely strong which ended the book in a bright mood. 

Overall a really good book. If you are a fan of urban fantasy and Henry Cavill, this is a MUST read.

I just couldn't resist

I give thiiiiiis

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