Sep 24, 2011

My Failure On New Blog Badge

Seeing some blogs with cute illustrated blog buttons, I couldn't help but try make one for myself. And I failed. MISERABLY. HORRIBLY. Is there more words to flails?? ARGH

My current blog Badge
It kind of looks pretty and so it works. I guess.

And Hump badge (thank you Hannah from A Sour Cherry)

This is too sexy for words.

My failed attempt

I am not even sure what this is *cries*


  1. Give yourself a little credit, I wouldn't even be able to make that! Ha Ha Ha! Keep trying!

    P.S. If nothing else spent a bit looking at your Hump Day button.... that will make everything and anything better, lol!

  2. *sigh* I am but need some really good tutorials as well ;)

    It does. I visit my hump day button everyday, it makes my day better :D