Sep 16, 2011

Goodreads Recommendations

You know how I am always looking for reccomendations for books and all? So I think goodreads finally understood what I was looking for and  gave me a button to click.

I have found a new thing to obsess over in goodreads.
Goodreads Recommendations button

It's clickable
Goodreads recommends books based on what you have read, your to read and currently reading bookshelf. They also categorize it by genre 
My nerdy heart did a flip flop when I saw this.
My Paranormal chart was so pretty!! And I do believe by the end of the day I would be adding ALL of them in my TBR. Contemporary was definitely sexy as hell. However some lists kept repeating the same book. But meh.

Stem Punk

Young Adult

This is just so muuuuch fun!!

If you are a goodreads member and haven't seen the recommendation site yet check it out! If you aren't a goodreads member yet, please sign up!

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  1. Huh, hadn't noticed the new recommendations site yet. Yours are looking pretty awesome! I have to check this out