Oct 1, 2010

Rating System

Here is my review policy.

I have my rating system updated. It's still in stars but some has 1/2 added to it along with an EPIC CUPCAKE.

Things you need to know about the epic cupcake.

It's not something I easily hand out. As I  adore my cupcakes very much!

In my one year of blogging, there has not been many (just one) that received my special cupcake. So you can probably see the meaning and depth of this cupcake are very dear to me. If I give this cupcake to a book or an author that book or author will forever remain one of my favorites. No take backs. I am one fiercely loyal follower. (it iz no crazy talk people)

And as to share my love for that book with fellow readers, I will continue to pursue them to buy the book.
I really really loved this book. I have no words to describe just how much love I feel for this book. I stalk the authors of these books in a daily basis like it's my job. I can't say just how many, but posts will be dedicated for this book(s) in my blog/twitter and various social network from me.

4 & A 1/2 STARS 
I loved the book. I am looking forward to reading more from the author and I encourage people to do the same.

I am not so happy to give this a full 5 but I did love it more than a 4, so I am thinking a half dangled star will work.

I liked it very much. Had me hooked from the very beginning. And I look forward to stalking the authors of this books. 

3 & A 1/2 STARS
So good! I have read this thinking not so much about this book but they were exceptionally well written. Well done.

I liked it. It had a story. Well developed, I will have a look out for the series or other works from the author. 

2 & A 1/2 STARS
I was able to finish this. But I doubt it would be recommended to anyone from me.

It had a beginning and an end, I am not sure what happened in between. This does not float my boat.
It was a good thing that I never went to Hogwarts or I would have avada this.