Sep 5, 2010

The Side Liners

After reading countless southern vampire mysteries fanfics with Eric and Sookie as the leading role, I have found myself craving for more. See there are tons of other characters in the books who gets over looked by our delirious obsession of the Viking and the bar maid *ducks head*

So don’t you ever wonder about Jessica and Hoyt what if Jessica wasn’t turned? Would they still meet and be all cute and stuff!

How about Tara? I know she is not the most favorite character sometimes but she is one of mine in this season. She kicked Bill’s sorry ass out of the truck in to the sun. got to love her. So I am all up for reading some kickass Tara with some naked Alcide. What! She is the one who got to see him naked first. God the ass ripple.

Besos I do have a kink for slash and I’ll admit Lafayette and Jesus was cute as ever when they first made out! I was left craving for more of their cuteness.

Talking about slash how about some Russell and Talbot slash? Heck I don’t mind any pairing when it comes*no pun intended* to Talbot.

So if you still don’t know which pairing you want to go with, try out the character generator created by rascalthemutant over at the Alexander Skarsgard library.

It’s really fun, I picked one too. *squeek*
Annnnd I got 
*drum roll please*
OMGOMGOMG!! I can't believe it! I got the once I wanted.
OMGOMG!! *sqeeee*
OK I may have clicked that hat more than once 
It's not cheating, right!

So I am excitei for these crazy kids to get some naughty or nice time to spend together.
Now do I write AH/AU or AU. I think I’ll go with a AH here.

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