Sep 11, 2010

Parajunkee Design Gift Certificate Giveaway

Being a first time blogger, I had to face many problems working with my blog. I still do.
Then I found Parajunkee Design through The Unread Reader.  I learned a lot from Parajunkee's blog. From making a button, to making my buttons scroll left to right, up and down. ;)

Rachel of Parajunkee Design answered a few questions about website design and book blogging. Read it here.

Here is a chance to win a $20 Gift Certificate to use at Parajunkee Design. Perfect to use for an a la carte item like a meme badge/button or toward the purchase of a blog design package! Check out Parajunkee's complete list of prices and packages here! She also offers a 20% discount to book blogger and authors!

To enter a drawing for your chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Parajunkee Design, click here.