Sep 24, 2010

Reading Challenge : Heaven & Hell theme

Goodreads is the best place to find some great reading challenge.
So I signed up for my second/first reading challenge of the year on BDB thread.
The theme is Angel & Demon or Heaven & Hell.
The challenge is, to read books that spell out A N G E L & D E M O N or H E A V E N & H E L L
I picked Heaven & Hell. *beams*
Here is my reading list. 


So 11 smexy books. And I have till the end of this year to finish this challenge. hmmmmm. 
At least I can give it a try, right?:D


  1. Your blog looks awesome!!! Did Missie help you out? She's incredible isn't she?



  2. THANK YOU!!!
    Well I do stalk her blog a lot. hehe. She is made of all kind of WIN!!
    I am gonna ask her how she does her widget thinggy. It looks so cute.