Aug 22, 2010

Working With Greenlemon

Everyone meet greenlemons. I met green first in Twitter. And she is such a great papoose, I love her to bits. Green was also my second guest in the interview blog. And as a thank you for the interview I made her a banner for her story Over The Hills And Far Away.

Not to blow my own horn but isn't it pretty!!!  
Making this banner was sooo much fun, cuz I actually used my own picture
Then I got a hold of her story Sometimes a Fantasy. *READ IT!* You know how we all wondered WHAT IF the scene after Godric's death when Sookie went to see Eric wasn't a dream!! Well green is such a brave panda that she took it on from a one-shot to a full blown story. And me being the banner hooore that I is, I made her ANOTHER banner for this story.
click in the image it gets bigger
After words me and green worked together in a banner. See we get beta's for our story but did you know you can even beta your banners!!
Green made a banner for a story she had in mind,


We squeeeed after we actually finished this, squeeeee.
*coughs still waiting for this story Green coughs*
Banner work is so much fun and more fun when you do it with your friends. Love yea girl. Muuuah.

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