Aug 9, 2010

Education With Greenabsinthia

Education With Greenabsinthia..... 
now folks that is exactly what it sounds like. lols. 
So lets learn a little about her. She has a addiction towards books you can follow her book blog Scribbles & Stories. Green is one kick ass writer, she wrote The Education Of Sookie Stackhouse. Yes the legendary Education, 
*inserts a picture of a horny smittenskitten* 

So I had no idea she wrote this amazing story even when I talked to her in twitter almost everyday. 
So one day I was you know being myself just dancing around throwing flowers everywhere and blowing my own horn about making banners *snort*  
So green asks me to make one for her. Me being the enthusiastic self I ran to her profile. And the first thing I saw was she already had a banner and get this .... it was made by S.Medows and Zigster. 
 Now a girl who have made only like two gets kindda scared you know. And I practically followed Messie's advice on making banners. 
So I tried to bail out. But green would have none of it. She pifft me and said I should at least give it a try. 
Then I started reading her education. And oh boy what an education it was! Jumped the boy as soon as he got home. Don't think we even made it to the bed room though. hehe.
So after much reading and doing other stuff I gave it a shot. And well it was ok I guess if you saw that and this.

But I had fun reading her story and of course doing other stuff too.


  1. OMG! I LOVE YOU!! Can I make a post about it on my blog? Pleeeeaseeee?

  2. I LOVE YOU TOO. Yes you can. *huggles*