Aug 15, 2010

Sunday ready for Blood day

Woohoo it's Sunday. Another True Blood day! I know I get too much excited over this thing. But I only see this thing for one reason and one reason only. That would be... NOT FOR SOOKIE. Lols.

Last Sunday's episode was one heck of a cliffy and #!&* at the same time but the only thing that warm my heart and other parts would be the nakedness. Yes folks I am talking about the sexy nakey scene between Alan Ball and  Beelh
AB does look happy. Doesn't he?
Lols. Just kidding but the only thing that got me pumping and well hot and bothered would be

I mean just look at them. I can not take my eyes off of this. Holy UNF! Talbot I'll miss your drama. I juzzed in my pants watching this. Talbot's thighs OMGEE! And Eric's flexing shoulder *fans self*
Really got excited by this and had to apply in RL minus the killing part.
"I am bored take off your cloths...
Turn around
Yes Daddy..."
Best lines evvah.
I had a death grip on the boy's hand the entire time, and we have to buy new cushions.
So we got that clear out lets move on.
This episode we see Sookie and Bill cleaning up her house as they try to a normal couple! So they are a couple again! WOW they were broke up for 45 minutes and they were back together! THAT'S TRUE LOVE PEOPLE. Just ignore the fact that your boyfriend of what two months! kept a file on you and your family tree. That's what every Vampire boyfriend do.
BLAH! I might as well lose my mind I don't think I was ever that frustrated with Book Sookie.
Magister being dead Nan shows up at Fangtesiia Eric's being silver this time. Have a feeling that Pam might DO something that we did not expect.
Tommy has a lady friend *lols* over and Sam is going to come over *oh I said come o.0*
And yeah Sookie + someone is in the shower.
That's not Sokie! Oh so sorry wrong picture.

There you go. Now where else have we seen those fingers!

Looks familiar!!

WWE blah getting my hopes up for another dream.
And that's it for me I am gonna go cushion sopping now. Ciao.

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