Apr 6, 2011

Official Casting: The Hunger Games Movie

If you guys are Hunger Games fan like I am, then most of you  probably know about the movie deal and the actors that's been signed on for the first movie.
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
Now for Katniss I pictured someone younger, brunette, and well younger but after watching couple of movies by  Jennifer Lawrence I think she might be able to pull this one off!

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Melark
Next to Jennifer Lawrence, Josh kinda looks kiddish. And he is brunette.

Liam Hemsworth. as Gale Hawthorne
I don't know if all the actors not looking like the characters are going to effect the movie or not, but really not looking forward to it.  


  1. I'm so upset about the casting choice for Peeta. *sobs*

    Hold me?!

  2. *holds you tight* I know bb!
    I was really disappointed too ;(

    At first when I saw the article, I didn't know which was who so I actually thought Liam was going to play Peeta! lol.