Mar 16, 2012

Kiss Me, I'm Irish read-along: Chapters 11-15

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Discussion chapter 1-5
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Discussion chapter 11-15
I love Leif Helgarson, Viking Vampire, Esq. I have to say that combo makes a pretty cool attorney. If you could have a paranormal/mythical beastie (or combo) covering your tuckus in court, what would you choose and why?
My bestie is a lawyer, and sadly not a mythical creature (even though she believes she might be a pixie in her previous life) can cover my tuckus in any court. She is AWESOME at bull-shitting and getting out of practically any situation. Be that with the family, or friends or strangers.
by jeftoon01
Yeah, bestie is all kindda bad ass pixie!
The police show up to question Atticus about his Irish Wolfhound, Oberon. If you could own any dog breed, what would it be and why? (P.S. Oberon is going on my list of favorite sidekicks!)
I didn't start to like Oberon until I got to second week. And the more I read, I can't help but love the Irish Wolfhound.

I am extremely scared of dogs, cats... anything with sharp claws or teeth after a very unfortunate event. That's why I have fishes for pets now.
Malina Sokolowski and the other Sisters of the Three Auroras coven have my antennae up. What is your opinion of them?
They are witches! And as far as I am concern they do not look like they went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. So no, witch without a witchcraft certified degree is not trust worthy ;)

Brighid, goddess of poetry, fire and the forge, gave Atticus the power of Cold Fire, which can be used to fight off that nasty lilttle hellspawn. If you could wield one magical power, what would it be and why?
I would like to have the power to jump from one place to the other. I am feeling the need of this power more and more everyday as I have to seat through hours of traffic jam before I can reach anywhere. 
The cops show up at Atticus’ shop to search for poor Oberon, who remains magically hidden throughout the ordeal. What is the one thing you would do if you could remain hidden from sight? I want to hear some good answers for this one!
This thing would really come handy in the exam hall, in the line to pay my bills, and so many things! Let's not go to the perverted side of my mind. 

That's it for the third week. See you all next time :)


  1. I love your pictures to emphasize your comments. Too funny! And yes, I don't think these witches were certified from Hogwarts, which makes them totally untrustworthy.

  2. Ya. I wouldn't want to mess with anything out of the fae world in the court room. They have a way of using language that could get you just what you wanted...provided it was your lawyer.

    Great power...I hate driving anywhere. I hate construction. I hate traffic. Audiobooks have helped with my rage though. At least I don't feel like I am getting totally jipped out of hours of my life I won't ever get back.

  3. Ha! Yes, uncertified witches are down right certifiably crazy! And I know what you mean about being scared of dogs and cats after an unfortunate accident. A long time ago, on the way home from school, I was bitten by a wild looking dog, and on the first full moon, I didn't shape shift into anything, so that wasn't cool. And cats have always scared the crap out of me.

    You're best sounds super awesome. I wouldn't ever dare go up against her as a lawyer or a pixie.

  4. Dang I am hiring your Pixie friend! Pixies are tricky----good call there!

    Oh I am with ya--if they didn't graduate from Hogwarts, I am not sure they are trustworthy. :)

    There are times (aka work) when I wish I could just pop in/out. It would mean extra sleep in the morning and more time at home afterwards!

  5. You should definitely not be allowed to practice witchcraft without a degree from an accredited university. With a psych screening.

    Love that BA Pixie pic of Tink--she looks fierce!

  6. Wow I have never seen Tinkerbell looking so bad ass! Fish for pets come on live on the wild side! I am glad you are liking Oberon now. Those witches are sneaky and untrustworthy for sure. Oh yes teleporting would be great. I feel your pain, I used to commute in PhX every morning and it sucked. What I wanted to be treated to the perverted side of your mind!

  7. Oh, avoiding traffic would be the best ever! THink of how much time we would save!!! And I have fishies too!! LOL. A nemo and a sea star.... which just had babies *shudders* LOL. Actually they are my son's fish and he LOVES anything sea realted. Great post!

  8. Me thinks I'd like your Bestie to be MY lawyer! How cool would a Pixie Attorney be. So adorable and yet she'll kick your ass.

    I would be EFFING AMAZING to jump from place to place. That's what I'd love to do, too! Imagine all the places we could go! Seriously, I'm getting excited just thinking about it and it's totally impossible to do. *cries*

    I knew you'd love Oberon! He's just such a funny doggie!

  9. Being able to go wherever I wanted would be nice. Very nice indeed.

  10. That travel thing would be so useful, it would save so much time and I could read more, yay!

  11. Dang, that going places superpower would've really come in handy when I lived in San Diego! Took me freakin' forever to go anywhere, hence why I'm not there anymore!! And lawyer friends rock!!! Love your scary Tinker Bell!!! Great answers, although you should've gone the perv route with the rest of us...

  12. I love Jeff's cartoon characters! Love the Tink! She'd be totally badass in court!

    Oh and to jump from place to place. Nice! No traffic. Good power to have. :)

  13. I love your pixsie friend - partly because I'm going to thing she's a member of the fey and I'd like them to be on my side.
    About being afraid of dogs - they are so lovely, and I know that's a stupid thing to say to somebody who is scared BUT - okay, never, ever, run away from a dog. They will chase you, even if in fun, but it won't seem like fun to you. And, don't try to pat them on the head - because they don't know you! Sorry, didn't mean to preach.

    Loved your answers and pics!
    Lynn: D

  14. No sharp teeth? I'm sorry then, no hot Viking vampires for you! lol

  15. I like Leif too but I like the werewolf better! I gave away my copy of Hounded to spread the love... and I can't remember the werewolf attorney's name!! But gotta love it when he can spout off legal acts and numbers in an impromptu argument :)

  16. your bestie being a lawyer, not that's handy! Like your answer for number 3! Well all of them actually.

  17. I have always liked dogs, but cats scare me. I always think they look at me like I'm a tasty piece of salmon or something.

    I agree that if the witches are not Charmed, or didn't go to Hogwarts or Beauxbatons they may not be trustworthy. Great point!

  18. Oooh, a pixie! That would be great. She could twist the words and contracts to work in your favor. Just be sure to not piss her off. LOL!