Feb 13, 2011

Be Still My Book Heart: My Book Boyfriends

Top Five Sunday and My Book Boyfriend Week hosted by Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life and The Unread Reader.

Rubs hands together... hmmm..this is going to be fun!! 

*WARNING this post contains too much hawtness, gif, naked man .. might lead to make readers explode, faint and well yeah...thanks and  you may proceed at your own risk* 


1.  Eric Northman 

I seriously don't know what to say. Okay maybe I do. 
Species :  100% Vampire
Created by Charlaine Harris.  
Played by Alexander Skarsgard.
From the first book (Dead Untill Dark) to the tenth (Dead In The Family) I have swooned muchly over his golden viking hawtness. *does that make sense!* 
I still swoon over Dead To The World *also known as Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries Bible* 
oops wrong picture!
Just going to go swoon one more time before I go hang out with the second boyfriend 

2. Damon Salvatore 

I can totally explain my fangirl crush on this..... JUST LOOK AT HIM!!! 
Species : Vampire
Created by L.J. Smith
Played by Ian Somerhalder
I have been a Damon girl for as long as I can remember. L. J.. Smith's Vampire Diaries Damon is just about as yummy as they get! lol. His entire bad vampire persona is very attractive. 
*some might question my sanity but do I care? OH HALE NO.*
OOOOO Take it off!

3. Gale Hawthorne 

Really can't explain it. His rebellion or what it is, but I'll take Gale please. =D 
Species : HUMAN
Created by Suzanne Collins 
I think Gaspard makes one cute Gale.

Seriously I have no idea why I am always drawn to the secondary characters. It's unexplainable.  

Gaspard would make perfect Gale. JS.
4. Carlisle Cullen 

If you are wandering what is wrong with me! I don't blame you, I am pretty much wondering the same thing. 

5. Balthazar More

Species : Vampire 
Created by Claudia Gray 

Once again. I am always weak on my knees for the 'bad one' 

It's an eternal dilemma. *sigh*

Evernight Balthazar More by ~Leesa-M

OOOO That was so much fun!! Let's do it again.
I think I am a bit hyper on hunk sugar tonight. lol.


  1. ZOMG! Those gifs!



    You know, I never really thought much of Gale, until I saw those pictures! Wow! *dies again*

  2. Ow I love your list! Really good picks and that picture of the naked Eric I could just stare at it all day haha.

  3. Hehe, I love those gifs. ;D

    Gale kindda grew on me, i LOVE Peeta too, it's just hard to choose sometimes. I should have followed your footstep and counted both of them as one boyfriend. lol

    BookGirl, me too bb, me too. I think Eric's butt was my phone wallpaper for the longest time. ;p