Jun 8, 2012

Movie: The Hunger Games

I am a movie freak. Yeash. That is right. I am addicted to good movie, series, you name it. I love them. Of course I don't love ALL of them. But I do love some of them and some I don't and some I can't even stand. They are not really that different from book love. 

Soooo I am trying to have this new post thing about movies or series or whatevs that I watch, and I will try to maintain it by posting about what I watched or have been watching every other day. Now lets get on with it.

Last week I went to the this brand new theater with my besties and my sisters to watch The Hunger Games

If you don't know what The Hunger Games is I will just narrow it down. It is one of my favorite books, written by Suzanne Collins and now turned into a movie featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. 

You see me and my sisters are BIG HUUUUUGE fan of the books, and it's impossible to believe we waited that we waited this long to watch this. Let me just narrow it down to few parts and our reaction. 

Every single time the characters were introduced my sisters screamed *I may or may not have been a part of that screaming I can not specific*.
But I do remember saying something out loud about Liam
The reaping, the time with Rue you know when if you read the book or watched the movie.... every time when the camera focused on Gale (Liam)
Yes it's a miracle that they didn't throw us out of the theater. Actually no. I knew this would happen so I had to take them to the movie during day, it's less crowded and more popcorn! 

I loved the movie, I really did. Not as much as the book but I loved watching it. I had some really sci-fi place drawn in my mind for the capital, in the movie it felt so much digitized that it just didn't do the awestruck thing I expected from it. 

So all in all (apart from my random pickieness) it was a good movie. Go watch it with your family, don't take your best friend if they haven't read it yet. Because mine just stole my copy of the books. I am pretty sure I am not seeing them again.

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  1. Heck I thought I would be one of the last people to see it. I loved the movie as well and for the most part it stayed true and that haunting melody the lullabye she sings to Rue...stab me in the heart! Miss you turle bud!