Jul 17, 2011

REVIEW: Desert Rogues, 1 - 3 by Susan Mallery

Series: 1,2,3
Genre: Women's fiction, Romance

A little bit about the books 

The Desert Rogues series by Susan Mallery starts off with  The Sheik's Kidnapped Bride, where the prince of El Bahar, Khalil Khan tricks Nora in to marring him so he can save himself from an arrange marriage. Which turns into something more. Following Khalil and Nora's book the series continues with  The Sheik's Arranged Marriage where Khalil's brother find himself in a similar situation with Heidi but in this case Heidi is the woman his father, the king of El Bahar had chosen for him. And soon after Heidi finds herself falling for the prince who refuses to be in love.Following both brother's Malik is also thrown into the pit of love and lust with an American teacher and also a single parent in The Sheik's Secret Bride. All three brother does have difficulty with love as they were brought up that way but all three overcome that state of time and lives happily ever after'ish'.

My final Thoughts
I never thought of reading this books, but I did. And frankly I really enjoyed reading them. So I will continue on reading the series.

I give theeeeeem

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