Mar 3, 2011

Jericho Z. Barrons

Testing..... testing..... is this thing on?

1...2....3? Are we live or what!!

Okay maintenance check. 

So, after almost a month I have finally finished ALL the five books on Fever Series. Now it's time to pull out my sexy naked man folder and SHOW you all some of the options for naked Jericho Z. Barrons I have found. Get comfy, grab a pillow and NOW let there be man ogling?

No idea who this is though but he definitely fits the discription

Yet another fine specimen of choice and thanks to Missie from The Unread Reader to pointing him put. ;p

Not bad! Not bad at all :D

Now time to meet the top contender for the heavy weight title of Jericho Z. Barrons.

Looks at David...looks at Henners

Times like this I want to have both in my bed and do kinky stuff to them

inserts fluffy handcuffs

Dark brooding tall... owner of a Book shop and there is no such thing that Barrons doesn't own.

Name : Jericho Z. Barrons
Age : looks about 30but only he knows how old
Birthday : October 31 *don't get him a pink cake that will probably end up in the ceiling *
Height : 6'3"  
Appearance : In the Fever series.
Profession : Collects artifacts, owns almost everything *I think* and of course the owner of BB&B (Barrons Books and Bubbles) 

David and Henry both have that dark look that describes Barrons.

And then when you goggle their name, there is ton of naked David and Henry walking around not that I don't already have a gijjiliion naked pictures of them stored in my compis

*pants fans self*

Barrons is aggressive and skittish of pink cake.

Then I was trapped between the wall and his body, with no awareness of having gotten there. He's frighteningly quick when he wants to be. I think he could give Dani a run for the money. He had my hands pinned above my head, braceleted at the wrists by one of his. The other was around my throat. His head was down and he was breathing hard. For a moment, he rested his face in my neck.

Just one more of favorite scene.
I find something else to do with my body that gives me pleasure. He calls it dancing. He sprawls on the bed, arms folded behind his head, a mountain of dark muscle and tattoos against crimson silk sheets, watching me as I dance naked around the room. His gaze is carnal, hot, and I know my dancing pleases him greatly.

Oh boy! This was one productive workout! *pants* 
Barrons can be a major pain in the ass, dominant (he can put the handcuffs on me anytime he wants, I am willing) and possessive. He isn't human, that we know but what he is, is yet to be revealed. I am really counting on a short story here.... anything works as long as I get to know what happened to him and his men. 

So what do you think? Who should be Barrons, Henners or David?


  1. I just finished the Fever series last month. SO GOOD! And yeah, Barrons will be starting in my dreams for hopefully many nights to come! Thanks for the eye candy! :P

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  2. Definitely David Gandy!!!!!! There is no other!!