Jan 1, 2011


 GAH! That was too loud! 

i am whispering though...it seems like the noise of keyboard hurts mah head o_O
ahhhh better!!
This years new years resolution - I will not get drunk next new years eve. I promise! (hope I remember this, so i won't forget)

But it was pretty good. We watched the fireworks till 1 in the morning and  I was in skype till 3 am. *sigh* and drunk wine the entire time

It was nice saying goodbye to 2010. 
We have a tradition that my mother has introduced us to during this time and I still love to follow this through. 
We write down what we regretted doing and what we achieved this year, in two different papers. The regrets one, we lit them up and throw them in to a bowl. 
I had 200+ regrets but who is counting!
And my dad stands by with the fire extinguisher. lol. (seriously he does, better safe than sorry)

And the achievement one, we tie it to a string of a balloon and let it drift away in the sky. (sadly none make it too high.. but still it's fun)

So with a new book, new resolutions and a hangover, Happy New Years  Hope this year is filled with wonderful books for everyone!

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