Aug 27, 2010

Stuck In BDB

After finishing the first six books and An Insider's Guide of Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R.Ward I am now stuck. There are only two books left and I don't really know is it because I have to wait till next March for the next book or what, I just can't seem to start reading Lover Avenged.
Getting sidetracked while reading is one of them, certainly. And I still have a bucket full of 'books to read' list that I need to finish. *head wall*

In the mean time I was able to get some friends into the BDB books. But I am being a total fail whale. *head wall*

Maybe I should start going through some man candy that might get me to start reading this book again!!!

Aug 22, 2010

Working With Greenlemon

Everyone meet greenlemons. I met green first in Twitter. And she is such a great papoose, I love her to bits. Green was also my second guest in the interview blog. And as a thank you for the interview I made her a banner for her story Over The Hills And Far Away.

Not to blow my own horn but isn't it pretty!!!  
Making this banner was sooo much fun, cuz I actually used my own picture
Then I got a hold of her story Sometimes a Fantasy. *READ IT!* You know how we all wondered WHAT IF the scene after Godric's death when Sookie went to see Eric wasn't a dream!! Well green is such a brave panda that she took it on from a one-shot to a full blown story. And me being the banner hooore that I is, I made her ANOTHER banner for this story.
click in the image it gets bigger
After words me and green worked together in a banner. See we get beta's for our story but did you know you can even beta your banners!!
Green made a banner for a story she had in mind,


We squeeeed after we actually finished this, squeeeee.
*coughs still waiting for this story Green coughs*
Banner work is so much fun and more fun when you do it with your friends. Love yea girl. Muuuah.

Aug 18, 2010

Hump Hump Wednesday

OMGEEE!! What is this I have missed last two hump days!! AND ALSO OUR FRIDAY SMUT DAYS!! GAHHH!
Well youz just have to forgiventh me after today.
In this hump day we meet two very VERY special humpable men.
Manuel and Lalo from Botineras. God I love these two. *sigh*
They are soccer players and there is a locker room annnnnd there is shower. *oh my heart sings*

Aug 15, 2010

Sunday ready for Blood day

Woohoo it's Sunday. Another True Blood day! I know I get too much excited over this thing. But I only see this thing for one reason and one reason only. That would be... NOT FOR SOOKIE. Lols.

Aug 14, 2010

The Sookieverse's Recreate a Cover Contest

The Sookieverse is holding recreate a cover contest for 'Dead To The World.' Now we all know it is THE BIBLE of all Southern Vampire Mysteries books. And being the fangirl that I am I just had to make the cover. *even if it didn't turn out that good*


My Creation

Aug 9, 2010

Education With Greenabsinthia

Education With Greenabsinthia..... 
now folks that is exactly what it sounds like. lols. 
So lets learn a little about her. She has a addiction towards books you can follow her book blog Scribbles & Stories. Green is one kick ass writer, she wrote The Education Of Sookie Stackhouse. Yes the legendary Education, 
*inserts a picture of a horny smittenskitten* 

So I had no idea she wrote this amazing story even when I talked to her in twitter almost everyday. 
So one day I was you know being myself just dancing around throwing flowers everywhere and blowing my own horn about making banners *snort*  
So green asks me to make one for her. Me being the enthusiastic self I ran to her profile. And the first thing I saw was she already had a banner and get this .... it was made by S.Medows and Zigster. 
 Now a girl who have made only like two gets kindda scared you know. And I practically followed Messie's advice on making banners. 
So I tried to bail out. But green would have none of it. She pifft me and said I should at least give it a try. 
Then I started reading her education. And oh boy what an education it was! Jumped the boy as soon as he got home. Don't think we even made it to the bed room though. hehe.
So after much reading and doing other stuff I gave it a shot. And well it was ok I guess if you saw that and this.

But I had fun reading her story and of course doing other stuff too.

Aug 8, 2010

Banner Banter and Making My First Banner For Missus T

Soooooo another banter and so soon too. *pinch* ouch! 
Today I talk about these crazy banner frenzy that I have. It first started out with just a little blinkie which I made with paint and photoshop. Yeah I know so it came out something like this
Click the pic it gets bigger
Yeah not that good and I don't even remember how I did it.
Then I looked around the fandom and tried to make banners by myself as I am too damn shy to ask for help. Can you believe it me shy! 
So after some MORE stalking I found Missie's blog The Unread Reader where she posted how she used gimp. 
You can download gimp free. When I finally figured out how to work gimp I got reaaaally addicted towards banner making. First try wasn't so hot 
See I told you, then tried and tried some more end result - it got a tiny bit better
But meh.

So next I made one for Missus T's Dead On New Years

When I was finally done I think I squeeed. hehehe. 
Then I started stalking persuaded Missus and wouldn't let go off her till she caved and let me make Halo Effect banner for her. She is really so freaking nice to me sometimes 
If you read Halo Effect you already know the story was inspired by a picture of Askars. 

 Now with that in mind and a amnesic Sookie, me and Missus went over this again and again and again. 
And for the love of plaid we used plaid Alex, and for my crazy fangirl obsession with Scarlet Johansson we had Scarlet in a swing. hehe. 
Then we have this -----
Vlick the pic it gets bigger
I don't think I have ever been so proud of my work. When it was finally done after nearly a week I think I actually cried.  
So that's how my obsession started and now I can't stop. 
Next I will rant about Greenabsinthia and her banner.